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Terracotta 350 Pendant

Large Terracotta Pendant

The Terracotta Pendants combine exceptional light quality using Xicato XIM LED technology and the beautiful warm hues of kiln-fired terracotta with a subtle white glaze. The result is a design that is at home both in traditional and modern settings, residential or commercial.

The Terracotta 350 is also glazed internally to ensure the best possible light quality and works beautifully as a single feature pendant or in multiples over larger areas. The Terracotta 350 can also be grouped with the Terracotta 140 or 270 pendants to create a truly unique installation.

  • Xicato XIM Gen4 technology
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • 3000K, 4000K or 2700K upon request
  • Standard CRI 83+ or Artist CRI 95+
  • Excellent colour consistency from luminaire to luminaire
  • 5 year colour consistency warranty - no colour shift
  • Slip cast glazed terracotta
  • Made in UK by Hand&Eye Studio, wired in Melbourne by ELS
  • Supplied with white cloth covered flex for bluetooth versions or clear flex in DALI versions
  • 1 mtr standard drop
  • L70B0F0 at 50,000 hours

XIM GEN4 BLE 48V – 83+ CRI

DALI Dimmable Bluetooth Dimmable Colour Temp. Absolute Lumens System Watts
TC350.XB48.83.66 TC350.XB48.83.67 3000K 975 16.5
TC350.XB48.84.66 TC350.XB48.84.67 4000K 975 16.5

XIM GEN4 BLE 48V – 95+ CRI

DALI Dimmable Bluetooth Dimmable Colour Temp. Absolute Lumens System Watts
TC350.XB48.93.66 TC350.XB48.93.66 3000K 975 21.5
TC350.XB48.94.66 TC350.XB48.94.66 4000K 975 21.5

For more details, download the Terracotta 350 Pendant Information Sheet

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