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High output, LED ceiling light

The SML330 LED offers a powdercoated die cast aluminium base and injection moulded twist fit lens, for superior durability. Due to the high quality LED components the luminaire is extremely energy efficient with outputs equivalent to a 40W T5 and above with up to 25% energy consumption savings in comparison. The SML330 LED is aesthetically pleasing in appearance with no LEDs visible due to the specifically designed lens that also offers soft upward illumination through the sides of the lens.

  • 2 outputs available
  • 3000K or 4000K
  • CRI >80
  • Die cast aluminium base powdercoated
  • Injection moulded polycarbonate lens
  • Available in white, black or silver base (custom colours available upon request)


Available as IPX4 version - just add .IP to the end of the part code to specify


Electronic Non Dimmable Trailing Edge Dimmable 1-10v Dimmable DSI Dimmable DALI Dimmable Colour Temp. Absolute Lumens System Watts
SML330.24.3000.61 SML330.24.3000.63 SML330.24.3000.64 SML330.24.3000.65 SML330.24.3000.66 3000K 1682 24.5
SML330.24.4000.61 SML330.24.4000.63 SML330.24.4000.64 SML330.24.4000.65 SML330.24.4000.66 4000K 1682 24.5
SML330.35.3000.61 SML330.35.3000.63 SML330.35.3000.64 SML330.35.3000.65 SML330.35.3000.66 3000K 2319 36.5
SML330.35.4000.61 SML330.35.4000.63 SML330.35.4000.64 SML330.35.4000.65 SML330.35.4000.66 4000K 2319 36.5

For more details, download the SML 330 LED Information Sheet

Download the IES file for SML 330 LED

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