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ceiling light

  • Available in white, chrome, brass or brushed aluminium finish with acrylic lens
  • Ceiling or wall mounting
  • Can be semi-recessed
  • T5 high efficiency fluorescent lamps and dimming versions
  • Integrated tested and certified emergency lighting options in 430 and 530mm sizes
  • Australian made
  • Dimming version available

Slimlites can be semi recessed into plaster board or tile ceilings with the use of an additional bracket. This reduces the visible height of the Slimlite by a further 25mm. To specify the semi recessed bracket, add SRK to the fitting Catalogue Number.

How to specify lens: Simply add the lens type legand after the catalogue number

  • Opal lens O
  • Prismatic lens P

How to specify base colour: Simply add the colour type legand after the lens legand

  • White W
  • Chrome C
  • Brass B
  • Brushed aluminium A

(eg. SL330/16/ becomes SL330/16/O/C ie. Opal lens with Chrome base)


illumination type lamp type catalogue no.
1 x 16w fluorescent 2D GR8 SL330/16/
1 X 21w fluorescent 2D GR10 SL330/21/
1 x 26w fluorescent G24d3 SL330/26/
1 X 28w fluorescent 2D GR10 SL330/28/
1 x 22w circular G10q SL330/22/

SLIMLITE 330 Electronic

illumination type lamp type catalogue no.
1 x 22w T5 2GX13 Non Dim SL330/22T5E/
1 x 22w T5 2GX13 Digital SL330/22T5EDD/
1 x 22w T5 2GX13 DALI SL330/22T5DALI/

For more details, download the SLIMLITE Range Information Sheet

Download the IES file for SLIMLITE 330

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